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Author's Introduction

In the following passages, Leonard speaks about the events that eventually led to the writing of this play. It began in 1981 when he experienced a spiritual awakening which profoundly altered the course of his life.

Here is his account of what happened.

“In 1981, I had the first of a series of spontaneous mystical and spiritual awakenings, which completely changed the course of my life. In this first awakening, which lasted for several weeks, I opened into an awakened dimension of consciousness which revealed a world of extraordinary beauty. I felt completely intoxicated with love. I was filled with a sense of wonder and amazement.  I was overwhelmed with a sense of the sacred and the divine. I was in a state of total bliss. Time disappeared and truth and wisdom began to flow through me.

During the first days of this awakening, I was taken through a process of healing. It was revealed to me how I had been wounded emotionally as a child and all the ways I had become dysfunctional. My fears and insecurities were brought to the surface for me to see. All my character flaws and defects were shown to me very clearly, but without any judgment. All the events of my life and childhood were being restored into conscious awareness.

As this process continued, I began to feel great compassion for myself, which led to an even deeper level of love. The whole world was alight with love. Everything was wondrous and magical.

A song spontaneously arose within me.

‘The river Jordan is deep and wide.

 I found my love on the other side.’

Very strange! I had no idea where that song was coming from.

I sang these words over and over again, in a deep baritone voice. It brought up feelings of rapture from deep within me.

After a while, the song subsided and I began to receive a flow of insights and revelations about the nature of the human condition. Some significant keys to spiritual awakening were being revealed. My consciousness was opening up to the wisdom of the ages. It was an exhilarating experience.

All of a sudden, the energy changed. The level of love dramatically intensified. I felt a Presence within me and around me that I had not known before. It was overwhelming. Even though I had been an agnostic prior to this moment, I knew that it was God. It was unmistakable. And God began to speak to me. I was asked by God to tell the truth about Jesus.

I did not know what God was talking about.

"I don’t know the truth about Jesus!" I protested. "And even if I did know, I would be too afraid to speak about it publicly!"

"As you wish my beloved," was God’s reply.

In that moment of God’s reply, I discovered that God was loving, accepting and allowing, beyond anything I could imagine. I was allowed to say no to God.

Every now and then, God's request to tell the truth about Jesus was repeated and I continued to say no.

I remained in that awakened state of bliss for several weeks until it gradually faded and I was returned to a more normal existence.

Three years later, I had a second awakening, which was even more powerful than the first. During this second awakening, I opened into an eternal dimension of existence. Heaven on Earth was revealed to me. It was timeless. It was magical. It was full of mystery and wonder. I was in a state of perfect silence, Presence and Oneness. This continued for several days. The feeling of love, Oneness and perfection was overwhelming.

Then all of a sudden, I found myself transported through time into another dimension. Somehow, I was on the cross, experiencing the crucifixion in great detail. It was as if I was looking though the eyes of Jesus, hearing all the sounds and feeling all the feelings involved in that experience. I experienced the physical pain of the crucifixion and I experienced that terrible moment on the cross, when he cried out to God, "Why hast Thou forsaken me."

Then followed a series of revelations about what really happened to Jesus on the cross, and what has happened to him since his death upon the cross. I felt overwhelmed by these revelations. Although they affirmed his divinity at the deepest level, nevertheless there were some startling departures from traditional Christian beliefs.

Eventually this awakening subsided, and it took many months to integrate what had happened to me. I was afraid to speak of these revelations about Jesus for many years, but at the back of my mind, I could not forget that I had been asked by God to tell the truth about Jesus.

Many years would pass before I had the courage to speak openly about what had happened. Eventually I wrote about it in my third book, Bridging Heaven & Earth, and finally it evolved into its current form as this play.

I call it Liberating Jesus!

I have no desire or intention to offend anyone. From my perspective, I am simply responding to the request God made of me in 1981. How you respond is up to you.



Leonard Jacobson is a spiritual teacher, mystic and gifted healer, who is deeply committed to helping others break through to the joyous experience of living in the NOW. Leonard is the author of four books, Words from Silence, Embracing the Present, Bridging Heaven & Earth, and his latest, Journey into Now.

He has been running workshops and seminars for the past twenty-five years, offering inspiration and guidance to those on the path of spiritual awakening and enlightenment. In his books, tapes, seminars and retreats, Leonard shares invaluable keys to enlightenment as well as an effective way to integrate higher consciousness into everyday living.



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